ABOUT US /关于我们
Headquartered in Beijing, WEED VENTURES is a cutting-edge investment organization focused on early Internet investments. The team has rich experience in investment management and currently invests in foreign investment with its own funds, with a management scale of more  than 500 million yuan.
With the mission of “Creating for Life and Striving for Growth”, Weeds Ventures relies on the strong financial strength of the investors and the industrial platform of the three main list-ed companies to establish indepth cooperation with many top domestic and foreign venture capital institutions, and is co-mmitted to becoming a business. The omnipotent partner of the company grows together with the st-artup.
Weeds Ventures focuses on the “eat, drink, play, and music” needs of emerging groups such as 80, 90, and 00. With large consumption, smart technology, and entertainment as the main investment areas, we will first use product investment as the entry point to form a product matrix. Gradually carry o-ut channel platform investment and cooperation, and finally form an all-industry chain ecology of “  open, focused, efficient and win-win”.
Investment philosophy: open, focused, efficient, and win-win